SEO Dictatorship of Google Search Engine

SEO Dictatorship of Google Search Engine

Google's websites are exempted from their SEO rules.

 In this article, I'm discussing the following topic titled: SEO Dictatorship of Google Search Engine.
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SEO is a process of optimizing a website to get higher ranks in search engines. However, Google search engine website is a real badass with regard to SEO guidelines.

There is an Arabic proverb that translates to:

“The carpenter’s door is loose.”

Here are some SEO techniques that Google search engine should follow to become SEO optimized according to its own guidelines:

Avoid redirects

Once you navigate to directly or from search results, it will redirect you to another domain.

Avoid non-friendly Url’s

Almost none of Google’s Url’s are readable or friendly because of using nonhuman readable Url's with query strings.

Put CSS in the head and JavaScript before the ending tag of body

In Google you will find CSS and JavaScript almost everywhere.

Use hreflang for multilingual websites

Google search does not obey this rule although this rule was issued and is used exclusively by Google search. “i.e. not used by Bing or other”.

Use meta tag for description

Google’s website does not have this tag, then where the hell did Google search describe itself in the results?

Avoid duplicate titles

All pages in Google search for a certain keyword have duplicate titles. 

Avoid black-hat SEO

  • In Google search homepage, there is a hidden <h1> element by hiding it using CSS.
  • In Google search results, there is a <h2> text element “Search Results” which was hidden by badass CSS technique; giving it height and width of 1 pixel.


Avoid using external links in navigation

Google search uses external links in its navigation; branding to Gmail and other products in the navigation of the search website.

Avoid using underscores

Google has underscores in its HTML source.

Social media integration

There is no social plugins to share any search results or pages directly from Google search website.


Keep calm and follow Google's SEO guidelines. Google itself is above the SEO rules, therefore, avoid looking at Google's websites as examples to learn SEO best practices.

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