How my website ranked well

How my website ranked well

Any website is useless if it’s not compliant to SEO

 Many people want to have their own websites for multiple purposes, such as a personal website to write articles (like this one) or to serve a local business however not everyone knows what is SEO and how it is critical to the success of their businesses.
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What is SEO? How it will help your business?

Amman, 19 April 2019

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is the science and art of making your website search-engine friendly. Now if you don’t know what’s a search engine, it is simply, Google!

People around the globe are using Google search as their first portal to the internet. The term “Google” becomes even a verb! If you want to know something, google it!

Hence, if you have a website such as my client and you want to get some traffic from search engines, mainly Google, you will need to have multiple changes to your website.

There are more than 250 things someone can do to optimize a website to become search-engine friendly. This is a big problem to many local business owners. They simply can’t follow up with such SEO things.

The website design problem

The first thing that lights in mind when we say a website is the design which is the last thing that Google cares about. It’s OK to have a fancy design for your website to attract your customers, but lots of colors and graphics my do the opposite thing to your customers. So, when you think about a website, imagine the value that it, really, does to your clients. Not the shape of the website.

White hat and black hat SEO

Compliancy to SEO is a good thing but trying to do it unfairly will result in being penalized by Google. So, SEO is a critical thing to play with. It should be used with care and sensitivity. In fact, even if you apply best SEO practices, you may be marked as a black hat SEO if you do some critical mistakes. Penalization means no body will find you in Google.

A changing science

As with anything in the world, SEO is a changing and dynamic concept. It evolves overtime and it can kill the websites that do not observe it. It needs a full attention and a full attention for details. Sometimes, I personally, deal with Google as a black box, i.e. beyond the science of SEO. Google works in certain patterns and you may rank better if you know how to show your real value to Google without being tricky or sneaky.

What’s the ultimate purpose of SEO

The ultimate purpose of SEO is to increase your sales. If you have a real business without the internet, you can add the power of SEO to your business as a continuous stream of people who reach your website “your business mirror, online”. SEO is important because it creates a natural growth for your website amongst other competitors. It’s OK to pay for advertisements in search engines to get advantage but if you want to compete with giants in the field, ride the SEO horse.

How I ranked in the top 2% in the world?

Simple answer is SEO. Practically, I built an SEO platform and built my personal website over it. Currently, I’m adding few early adopters to my growing platform

My advice

Read about SEO. It’s a must for any and all websites in the world.

Shadi Namrouti

Founder/ SEO Website Maker
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